Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dreary Rainy Days Call For Rice Porridge

I don't know how the weather has been in your neck of the woods but here in southern Tennessee it has been wet. Very wet and dreary. And cold. It seems like after the horrendous heat of this past summer our 45 degree mornings are excruciatingly cold. I may not survive this winter when it gets past freezing lol. And to top off the gorgeous weather, I've been sick and feeling bronchitis is finally almost gone though thanks to pushing tons upon tons of vitamin C.

Anywho...dreary weather and gross feeling are both made better in simple dishes that warm you from the inside out. Dishes like rice porridge. I've seen this recipe with few modifications all over the web and there are probably 5,000 different names for it, but I've always been partial to fairy tales so this is what I imagine the three bears (and Goldilocks) eating....(pictures will be posted tonight after I pack for Gatlinburg)

Rice Porridge
2 Cups Rice (I usually LOVE brown rice...but for this recipe I use plain old everyday white rice)
1 Cup Milk (I use the wal-mart brand lactose free fat free dairy milk)
Cinnamon (to taste...however much you prefer)
Brown Sugar (again to taste...I like mine decently sweet)

Put all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium high heat...simmer until the porridge is as thick as you would like, the sauce will also thicken a little upon standing...dip a bowl full for yourself...indulge

It's a very simple recipe reminiscent of oatmeal...but absolutely can also serve with raisins or fresh fruit like you would oatmeal

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